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door Jolanda Pijpers
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It was just before a Christmas when I had so much back pain that I couldn't move anymore.

That was the trigger, I knew I had to do something to get back on shape and that became my new year resolution. With both my pregnancies I gained more than 10 kilos and I tried few times to get on a diet myself but it didn't work, what I used to do when I was young it wasn't working anymore. With a full time job,two kids and a house to run my diet wasn't the best. I then decided to go to Jolanda, who I got to know from an ex colleague of mine who I could see had great results using Powerslim.  The weekly meeting, which seemed cumbersome at first, actually helped getting through it and keep the focus. The products helped cheat my brain that somehow I wasn't missing pasta, sweets snacks or bread, although I was actually cutting carbs significantly. In the weeks after starting powerslim my body began getting used to the right portions (much smaller than what I used to eat) and I especially started detoxing from carbs. Only now I realize how much addicted I was to carbs before, it was like a drug I couldn't do without. After a very few months of powerslim I lost all the baby weight and got back on shape. I now feel much better, less tired and more energetic. I do eat balanced now and I don't feel the need to eat much carbs anymore like I used to do in the past. I am thankful to Jolanda, she is a very nice and friendly person who made me always feel at ease and helped me in this journey to find myself back! 


Michela, 43 jaar 

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